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December, 10, 2023 - Bulletin
IIRS & ISRO Online Certificate Course – Enroll Now

About IIRS

The Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, established in 1966, is still a premier institute for research, higher education, and training in the fields of remote sensing, geoinformatics, and GPS technology for natural resource, environmental, and disaster management.

About ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is India’s national space organization, headquartered in Bengaluru and led by India’s Prime Minister. It was founded on August 15, 1969, by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai. The Chairman of ISRO is also the Executive Director of the Department of Space.

About ISRO’s Shiksha Gagan

It is an active learning virtual platform that provides learners with self-paced online courses in space science, technology, and applications. Learners can use the platform to register and log in to the ISRO E-CLASS Learning Management System (LMS) to access e-learning content and study materials. To obtain a course completion certificate, students must adhere to the course guidelines, participate in online activities, and complete assessments. The courses are offered as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) (MOOC).

Important Note

🔹ISRO’s Shiksha Gagan login credentials will be activated for three months at first, and learners must complete the course within this time frame.

Course Content of IIRS & ISRO Certified 3 New Courses

1️⃣ Course On Overview of Remote Sensing Technology

🔹Below mentioned topics are covered in this course :

• Introduction to Remote Sensing
• Stages in Remote Sensing
• Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
• Geostationary and Sun
• Synchronous Satellites
• Type of Remote Sensors
• Multispectral Scanner Resolutions
• Resolving the power of satellites
• Data Products
• Interpretation of Satellite Imageries

🔹Eligibility Criteria :

Students who are in eight standards and above are eligible to apply for this course

✳️To Enroll: https://jigyasa.iirs.gov.in/joincoursedetail/17

2️⃣ Course On Overview of Geographic Information System

🔹Below mentioned topics are covered in this course :

• Geographic Information System or GIS
• Form of Geographic Information
• Advantages of GIS
• Components of GIS
• Spatial Data Formats – Raster & Vector Data
• Sequences of GIS Activities
• Scanners
• Entering of the Attribute Data
• Data Verification and Editing
• Geographic Data: Linkages and Matching
• Spatial Analysis
• Spatial Analysis Operations

🔹Eligibility Criteria :

Students who are pursuing graduation are eligible to apply for this course

✳️To Enroll : https://jigyasa.iirs.gov.in/joincoursedetail/18

3️⃣Course On Overview of Space Science, Technology & Applications

🔹Below mentioned topics are covered in this course :

• Space Technology & Indian Space Programme
• Spacecraft Systems
• Satellite Communication & Navigation technology
• Astronomy and Space Science
• Satellite Meteorology and its applications
• Planetary Geoscience
• Satellite based Earth observations & Remote Sensing Technology
• Remote Sensing Applications in Governance
• Close Range Photogrammetry for Urban Heritage Studies
• Online learning resources and career opportunity in Geospatial technologies
• Experiment: Reading Satellite Imageries for information Extraction
• Experiment: Geodata access from online data repositories and problem solving using GIS

🔹Eligibility Criteria :

Students who are in eight standards and above are eligible to apply for this course

✳️To Enroll : https://jigyasa.iirs.gov.in/joincoursedetail/21

Benefits of ISRO STEM Certified 3 New Courses

🔹A great chance to do course designed by isro experts
🔹You definitely receive completion certificate after successfully completion of course

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